Single Agency Training materials

KBSP has a duty to support all organisations in Bristol that work with children and families to develop practitioners skills regarding safeguarding and child protection.  In addition to the inter agency training programme we have published training standards.

KBSP Training Standards 2018-2019

These standards provide advice and guidance to organisations about commissioning, or delivering, training that is effective. 

We have also published a foundation level training package that is suitable for use when delivering training to group A staff, with the proviso that it must be adapted to include organisation specific information about policies and practice. 

The package consists of:

A slideshow presentation: Single Agency Foundation CP Training

A training plan: Single Agency Foundation Training Plan

Delivery notes for trainers: Single Agency Foundation Safeguarding Training -  Trainer Notes

Safeguarding scenarios with trainer notes: Single Agency Foundation CP Training Scenarios

Practitioner booklet: Foundation Safeguarding and CP Training Practitioner Booklet

If you have any questions or comments about the training package please contact the KBSP training department at

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