'Tia' Child Protection Incident Review

Today the BSCB has published a Child Protection Incident Review (CPIR) concerned with safeguarding a young person with a complex history of abuse and neglect, who was not adequately managing her diabetes putting her at significant risk of long-term health implications including death. Child Protection Incident Reviews are conducted by the Board when there is a situation which does not meet the threshold for a statutory Serious Case Review but the BSCB feels there is important learning to be identified and shared.

Managing adolescent diabetes is complex and the review found that the compounding circumstances of neglect and abuse for Tia made this particularly challenging for her, and for the professionals around her. The review found that many adolescents struggle with diabetes management in their teenage years, including those receiving supportive and appropriate parenting. It is vital that professionals in the city recognise the risks associated with poor management of diabetes, and the relationship between adolescent neglect and adolescent health indicators in order to provide coordinated, responsive and empathetic care.

You can read the full CPIR here.

- Joint Safeguarding Business Unit

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