Publication of ‘Jonathan’ Domestic Homicide Review (DHR)

Response to ‘Jonathan’ Domestic Homicide Review (DHR)

The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership (KBSP) has today (27 February 2020) published a review commissioned following the tragic death of Jonathan (pseudonym). The Partnership wishes to extend their sympathy to Jonathan’s family and friends and is very grateful to those who have contributed information to this review.

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The review highlighted the need to continue to work at a local and national level to change the attitudes to male victims of domestic abuse, and to improve the services available.

  • The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership recognises the importance of appropriate information and services being available for men. Bristol City Council commissions Victim Support to provide a service to support male victims and further details of this service and the national helpline for male victims can be found below.
  • The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership will be asking its member agencies to confirm that training is delivered to ensure that appropriate response and support are given to men reporting abuse. This will be carried out as part of a full review of domestic abuse training across the partnership over the next six months.
  • We have been reviewing the publicity with our current service provider in order to increase awareness of the support available for male victims.

The Overview Report and Executive Summary of the DHR can be found on:

Further details of Victim Support’s Bristol service for male victims of domestic abuse can be found here:

National helpline for male victims of domestic abuse:

Mankind Initiative 01823 334244



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