Launch of BSCB Threshold guidance

Today (3rd May 2018) the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board published the new BSCB Threshold Guidance for Bristol.

The BSCB Vision in Bristol is that we will effectively work together to prevent and protect all children from harm. This Threshold document describes levels of concern for children, young people and their families and sets out an approach to keep children in Bristol safe and protected from harm. It is designed to support professionals across the city in determining what level of support a child or family require, ensuring they receive the Right Help, at the Right Time, for the Right Duration.

Sally Lewis, Chair of the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board, said:

“As Independent Chair of the Bristol Safeguarding Children Board I am delighted to share with you the newly launched BSCB Threshold Document.

The thresholds in this document have been agreed by organisations across the city. Families’ needs are dynamic and require regular review. Whilst most children and families can and should be supported predominantly within universal services, when additional services are required they should be appropriate, high quality and outcome focused so that change can be achieved quickly for children, to allow them to grow and thrive in safe environments.”

You can read the guidance here: BSCB Threshold Guidance 2018

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