Mate Crime Thematic Review

The Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board and Safer Bristol have today (26th March) published a Thematic Review into Mate Crime.

In April 2017 the BSAB received a referral requesting that the Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board consider whether the criteria was met for undertaking a Safeguarding Adults Review following the death of a man called Derrick Carr. In this instance it was agreed that the criteria for SAR was not met, but the case raised concerns about agencies’ knowledge and ability to respond effectively to Mate Crime and exploitation of adults with disabilities. 

The BSAB agreed that a joint Thematic Review with the Safer Bristol Community Safety Partnership should be undertaken to ascertain whether there were practice issues in this instance and/or opportunities for development in the protection of adults in the city in this area. By identifying key learning from Derrick's case, and through consultation with practitioners from across the city, the reviewers produced a number of findings and recommendations aimed at helping practitioners recognise and prevent Mate Crime.

Alison Comley, Chair of the Safer Bristol Partnership, and Louise Lawton, Chair of the Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board said:

"On the 26th March the Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board and Safer Bristol Partnership published a thematic review of the city’s response to Mate Crime. Mate Crime involves the exploitation and targeting of vulnerable adults by people they often believe to be friends. The report considered the experiences of Derrick, a 51 year old man who had experienced Mate Crime when living in supported accommodation in Bristol. The review identified areas for the partnerships to strengthen their work in this area including increasing the public and professionals’ awareness of these crimes so everyone is able to identify abuse and access support at the earliest opportunity. It is vital that everyone in the city works together to safeguard adults from Mate Crime. We are committed to working together to deliver improvements based on the report’s recommendations. If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be the victim of Mate Crime, contact the police on 101 or access support through the Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services"

You can now find the full Thematic Mate Crime Review report alongside our Safeguarding Adult Reviews here.

Further resources on Mate Crime can be found here.